“Box it Up” Fun Movie Night Dinner Moments

Wandering through Hobby Lobby the other day, proved to be an exercise in self-control.

Big time.

That store is loaded with so many fun things and it is impossible to leave without buying something.

But, I was on a mission.

I was looking for a special way wrap a “moment” and I knew that this was the place to be. When I walked by an aisle that had cardboard trays and pretty little polka dot bowls, I knew that I had found what I was looking for. I love to serve meals and snacks in different ways and this was just the ticket.

It was Friday Night Movie Night at our house and we were ready for a “picnic style” treat. I already had the bakery wax paper sheets so I used those to “wrap” our food and lovingly tucked our goodies into my newly purchased trays and polka dot bowls.

Fabulously fun!

2015_04_171681 (2)

Everyone was quite excited when they saw their movie night supper come out in these trays. There is just something about presenting the ordinary in a new way that makes life’s moments more fun.

2015_04_171686 (2)

I could customize the meals so it even felt like we were at the movies ordering our own favorite foods.

2015_04_171688 (2)

My two older muffins love the “Roundy sandwich” – a prepackaged PB & J sandwich that is a total treat. My oldest will not eat a regular PB & J but will eat these. Go figure. But at least they make them now on wheat bread and with reduced sugar. Add some french fries and delicious fresh fruit (that was a mom thing…) and they had themselves a super-de-duper kid treat.

2015_04_171690 (2)

Mom and dad were quite happy with Grilled Onion and Swiss Cheeseburgers with a helping of crispy waffle fries, minus the fruit for us, but we picked up a macaroni salad and coleslaw as well as veggies and hummus, so it was acceptable.

2015_04_171691 (2)

Can you blame us for being happy?

2015_04_171694 (2)

Mmmmm…look at those grilled onions and that perfectly salted golden waffle fry right where you can grab it…

2015_04_171697 (2)

A half a hot dog was the customized yummy treat for my toddler.

And these little containers were even fun for sweet and salty movie snacks…after we ate our fruit and veggies, of course!

fun ways to wrap a meal

Despite my justification that I needed these wonderful little containers, you actually do not need these to make a moment. I have used paper lunch bags to pack up some fun or you could use any container, like a shoe box lined with a paper or linen napkin, or a plastic storage bowl lined with napkins. It’s the presentation that makes it fun.

And it’s the moment made that counts!

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  • Hilary

    This is so creative and wonderful! I know that the kiddos must have loved their special movie night.