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“Go Pack Go”

My oldest wee one is a Green Bay Packers fan so it was only natural that at some point we needed to make a trip to Green Bay. I am not sure where his deep love of sports comes from because neither my husband nor I are diehards. My closeness to sports was as a cheerleader in high school and […]

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A Post Card From Iowa

This has been a summer for making moments that matter. With my husband joining us full-time this summer as we search for the next employment adventure, we have been taking full advantage of the gift that we have been given. We started out working on our home in the event that we need to sell it and relocate. That became old […]

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Road Trip – 3 Day Weekend!

I am now ruled by the “school schedule” so the first 3 day weekend that I saw on the horizon was a chance for me to plan a Road Trip (much shorter than my summer one) so I planned a weekend away. We headed north about 3 hours to the middle of Wisconsin to check out the world in those […]

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