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And Another Birthday…

Happy Birthday Wee One! This time we  celebrated my daughter’s birthday and she is all things pink, purple, sweets and treats. I made a Giant Sugar Cookie using Wilton’s recipe because we have already “been there, done that” with birthday cake this month. Then I topped it with my Butter Frosting and some store-bought decorations, which are a family favorite – […]

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Chocolate-Cherry Cake

    This is a family recipe that my grandmother used to make for the birthdays in the family. It was shared with me a while ago and I dusted it off and made it for a recent birthday in our house. Scrumptious! Delicious! You have to make it… It’s beautiful in its “birthday suit” (look at those cherries and […]

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Coffee Buttercream Frosting

We do birthdays really well…they last for days and days. We have a small celebration on the actual day of the birthday if it falls during the week, then we have a bigger bash on the weekend. And quite often we have added more days for some reason or another. It’s pure madness. This Dinosaur Foot cake made an appearance […]

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