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Chilled Pear Soup

I adapted this “soup” from one of my favorite recipes for entertaining. It was originally a recipe for Chilled Peach Soup and it looked elegant and delicious, yet so simple to make. Through the years I have made it often and only recently have started using different fruit, even though it always seemed like the kind of recipe for substitutions. […]

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Vanilla S’mores Yogurt

One of my favorite things to do is use yogurt for fun and festive dishes. It is so versatile. And putting mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips and broken pieces of graham crackers together with cocoa granola and vanilla yogurt is a fabulous combination!  

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Honey Greek Yogurt with Chocolate Granola and More

The “More” part of this food idea is actually the best part. These can be put into individual serving jars, like mason jars with lids, so that you can give them as gifts – as long as they are eaten or refrigerated soon! Or…go check out this recipe for Vanilla S’mores Yogurt…it elevates that wonderful camp treat!

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