Celebrating Teachers With Breakfast Baskets

This week is National Teacher’s Week and the teachers at our elementary school have been treated to all sorts of goodies thanks to a committee at the school that is recognizing them for all of the fabulous things that they do, not the least of which is being loving and supportive to all of our wee ones. My kindergartener and I sent some little goodies to his two teachers to give them a little personal thanks from us as well.

Kindergarten was a big transition year for us and his teachers made all the difference.

Another mom and I teamed up to celebrate the preschool teachers because they also work super hard and have been wonderful to our preschool muffins. But there is no committee to recognize them for all that they do, so we put in a little extra effort to show them some lovin’.

My part was to deliver breakfast today and I had a great time making breakfast baskets so that they could have a wonderful morning moment. I picked up some containers to put all of their goodies in and then they could reuse the baskets for crayons, stickers or any other little school supply that needed corralling.

The breakfast menu consisted of Chocolate Coconut Bread, Brown Butter Apple Muffins, Cheddar Biscuits with Chive Cream Cheese and a Fruit Cup with a hint of Orange and a fresh mint sprig from my little window plant. Very exciting! I added some sweet and some savory treats so that there would be something for everyone.

To the baskets I added some silverware packets (I always keep the extras from take-out food) and a pretty napkin and plate. There was a bottle of orange juice and a straw (I had picked up pretty straws but they were not tall enough for the orange juice bottles so I had to use plain old boring straws) and a little printed menu so that they knew what was what.

I always like to know what I am eating…

I will post the recipes later in case you need to make up some goodies…it all was so delicious. I know this because I tried all of it.

I had to know that what I was delivering was good enough so I made sure to make enough for us to enjoy too. I just had to know.

The “one for me and one for you” approach to gift giving is my specialty!

Besides, I did better eating yesterday than the day before, so I am not grounded anymore from overeating on Cinco de Mayo.

breakfast basket

But if I am not careful, I may overeat from the breakfast baskets and then I will be  grounded again!


breakfast basket


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