Holiday Gift Ideas

I think it is always fun this time of year to get some ideas for my gift giving moments, so I thought I would share some holiday gift ideas of my own with you.

I bet the peeps on your list “who have everything” don’t have holiday Kleenex!! This particular brand came in sets of two that you can either give as a whole or break up the set.

holiday tissue

Holiday magazines are a fun way to keep the comfy cozy moment of the holidays alive without needing to commit to a specific topic (who doesn’t like to look at cookies even if they do not bake?) and they aren’t a gift that needs a home for very long. They can either be passed along or recycled!

holiday magazines

You know ’em, you love ’em…Trader Joe’s! And they have a holiday version of their delish brittle that is chock full of goodness!


Trader Joe's Brittle

A gift of holiday crafts for the kids is a great way to keep them entertained and you also do not need to know what toys they have already!

Holiday Kid Crafts

Everyone can use new towels and a set of holiday towels is a great way to spread some winter cheer!

Holiday Towels

Make Ahead Nuts & Spices
Plan for the After-Thanksgiving Meals Too