Ideas to “Organize” Gift Opening Moments

Gift opening moments should be wild and fun and disorganized. But even in that disorganization, a little organization helps to make the disorganization run smoothly.

Really, it does.

Here are a couple of tips to organize gift opening moments…

For me, having wee ones at holiday time was busy, verrryyy busy on Christmas morning. I started out mixing all of the presents under the tree because it’s what I had always done and I like having the gifts all over and then passing them out. Well, try doing that when little people are waiting for their gifts. It was hectic and stressful and then I was so busy trying to hand out presents that I missed them opening some gifts because they tore into them.

I got wiser and grouped presents by person in various spots so the kids could sit by their group and I did not waste precious holiday time sorting gifts. There will be time for that relaxing process some day, I think.

As my wee ones got to the age where they were learning their letters and pre-reading, I used labels that only had all of our initials on them. That way, they could participate in the process of looking for their gifts, which is really half the fun. Little by little, they started to enjoy passing them out too based on the letters that they found, like “M” for mom.

Easy Gift Tags

Clever, I know.

That’s the process I still use today because it works and we are still wee, and we have a really wee one who is just starting to learn his letters. But our oldest can tear through a group of gifts in record time so this year, I am thinking that I will mix the gifts up under the tree again and give him, and my middle child, the job of passing out gifts. I am hoping it will use up some of his energy.

I also learned to use a large box for the used wrapping paper because trying to hold open a bag and stuff it in or throw it on the floor to pick up later is again, wasted time with wee ones. The box is easy because it stands on its own and it can be a game to throw your paper into the box. I do not need a clean floor on Christmas morning, but you do run the risk of throwing out something that wasn’t garbage when you start scooping up the wrapping paper. Throwing it into a box that is out-of-the-way is easy and it is all recyclable too.

Those ideas are tried and true but my newest idea was born last year at Christmas time and we have decided to try it this year. I have since seen that other families do this as well, so we are giving it a try.

Are ya ready for this one?

We will open the extended family and Santa gifts on Christmas Day but we are saving our own family gifts to open on New Year’s Day.

We no longer are wild party people on New Year’s Day so we do not need to sleep in, not that we could any way with wee ones. The holiday time is busy and goes so quickly that I always wish the magic of it all could last longer. Quite often, it is too soon to enjoy the present opening part of the holidays because I like to celebrate the spiritual part too and all of the busy-ness ahead of time brings the holiday on in warp speed. Come January, I have relaxed, my to-do list has shortened (at least for a brief moment before I have to get ready for our anniversary, mine and my husband’s birthdays and my daughter’s birthday – but let’s not go there now) and I am ready for the present part of the holiday. But alas, it is behind me.

So, this year, we are trying it and I have to say that I am quite excited. The wee ones are on board with is as well and I am hoping that it gives us as a family a chance to enjoy each other in the magic and soak in the comfy cozy of togetherness, while savoring the spiritual and gift moments in a slower pace because we do not have to do it all on one day.

I will keep you posted…you know I love a good story.



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