I’m Very Funny In Bed

At least I always think that I am very funny in bed.

My best writing thoughts happen when I am driving and when I am in bed. It’s mostly because that is when I have the most “free” time to think and am not doing 18 other things. It also used to happen when I was in the bathroom, but that was before kids. I multi-task just as much from the bathroom these days as I do anywhere else in the house. You wanted to know that, right? I keep a notebook and pen in my car and in my bedroom for jotting down all of the “brilliances” that I come up with during these quiet moments. (Not that the car is quiet, but I am only driving and I can tune people out.)


Take the other morning, for example. I was awake at 4:30 am to assist in a wee one’s bathroom activities and as I was in bed afterwards trying to go back to sleep, ideas for writing poured into my brain. And they were hilarious. It led me to the memory of the day before when I was creating a post based on the note-taking events of some prior late night where I ended up wrinkling my brow at what I had written and edited out a significant portion of it. The lines that had struck me as so funny while I was lying in bed, were still funny, but only to me. In the clarity of daylight, I realized that I would probably be the only one chuckling and they really were not relevant to my content.

I can enjoy my own humor like nobody’s business. It runs in my family.

Three post ideas later that morning, I had just decided to stay up versus jumping in and out of bed to add more notes of “brilliance” to my notebook.

2015_10_134696 (2)

I upped the thermostat 2 degrees, it’s starting to get chilly here. (See this post “When Do You Turn It On?” if you missed my “brilliance” on turning on the heat.)

At the end of my notes, I saw that I made mention for you to look forward to another topic and I am again shaking my head in the morning clarity. What I thought would be a funny topic for a post to share with you at a later point, is really only worth a mere mentioning in a sentence or two. There isn’t that much content to write a post about that topic.

I would need to go back to bed to jot down many more notes. Many, many more.


2015_10_134699 (2)






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