This Site Has Moved!! “Just Like Perfect” Becomes “The Awkward Bird”

Come visit me over in my new website “home”. It’s sweet!

Click here to go to my new site “The Awkward Bird” and thank you so very much for joining me in my adventures.

There must be something in the air this time of year that makes me create websites.

“What?”, you must be thinking.

Well, my happy people, I have created a new website to expand “Just Like Perfect!” and have moved into what will hopefully be my final website.

It’s true.

Although this is my third website in three years (and they have all began in this new year part of the year), creating websites is NOT one of my hobbies. But this past year has put me on a path to finally know what I want to “Be” when I grow up and part of that is owning some sort of country gift shoppe and some sort of hobby farm and through it all to test out my own creative talents. “The Awkward Bird” is the name of whatever business adventure we try out so a new website was in order. You can read all about how the name came to be over on my new site, but if you have been following along here at “Just Like Perfect!” you can probably guess that The Awkward Bird has something to do with me.

Not that I am awkward or anything. Ok, yes I am. And I enjoy it.

So, I am sad to put “Just Like Perfect!” behind me and really did not plan to start “The Awkward Bird” website so soon, but it happened and I may as well start settling in. I am excited to upgrade to a new adventure and hope you will join me there. It’s still in the awkward new stages with things floating off by themselves for no rhyme or reason and I still have lots of tidying to do as well as creating things to share, but it’s super exciting and I wanted to share it with ya. It won’t be the first time that some of you have joined in while I was still setting things up.

“The Awkward Bird” will share some of the same things that I did here, especially my fabulous “gift of gab”, food and making moments and I have added some new stuff too. I have not created a Facebook page or any other social media if that is how you liked to follow along but it’s on the to-do list.

This is my last post for “Just Like Perfect!” but I am excited to move on to “The Awkward Bird” and settle into a website that follows along as me and my family figure out a new business world and as I explore a whole new world of “me”. Garfield the Cat said it perfectly in his Halloween special…”What should I be? There’s so many sides to me.”

Click here to go to my new site “The Awkward Bird” and thank you so very much for joining me in my adventures.

We do have fun!


Cranberry Orange Shortbread Bars