My Scoop…

Here’s my story…but I probably won’t stick to it…

That’s because I like to keep things fresh and interesting. So, periodically, I will change things up a bit to keep up with my times.


There are many things that I enjoy and they mostly boil down to one thing – making moments that matter. Whether it is finding a thoughtful gift, making a simple meal just a little bit more special or breaking from the routine to enjoy a sudden activity by myself or with my loved ones, it is the moments made from all of those things that matter. I love looking around for gift potential and I enjoy finding new ways to “wrap” a gift. It can turn an ordinary moment into a moment that matters. I enjoy cooking and adventuring and sharing those things. Less enjoyable on the “fun” factor but still enjoyable on the “satisfaction” factor is cleaning and organizing. On “Just Like Perfect!” I will give fun and unique suggestions for ways to make your moments matter.

“Just Like Perfect!” is  a new website for me but I blogged for a year before I opened this website to share with all of you. “Make it, Bake it or Buy it!” (I like exclamation points) was where I shared my hobby of searching for fresh and thoughtful gift ideas that I found as I browsed through catalogs, magazines, the internet and anywhere else that I saw a great idea to give as a wonderful gift.

This website is only halfway (or maybe a little more) to the site that I picture in my mind, but it is all me. All of the weird, strange and even a few of the wonderful things that you find here are me. Yes, I am the one behind the oddly drawn images that you will find on some posts. The ideas that you see posted are my own thoughts.

I have changed things up a bit by using categories that correspond to the days of the week where I share ideas for making moments that matter. Pick a day of the week and just have fun browsing. If you are looking for something specific, use the “By Category” category for a list of all of the categories on my site. Some of those have been “discontinued” but I have left them because they are historical, sorta.

My categories are created so that you can find just the right idea for making your own moments that matter. And you will see that perfection is not a criteria for me and what I will share with you. I will share my not-so-perfect perfect cakes and cupcakes. I will share my not-so-perfect photos. I will share my not-so-perfect attempts at making moments, like my pizza style pancake that was almost burned on the bottom because I was multi-tasking.

It’s the moment made that matters and it is always “Just Like Perfect!”.

If you are new to my site and would like a little tour, please see the “Start Here” Tab on the top of my home page.


So, that’s my story and I am sticking to it…for now.

Welcome aboard!

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