Newly Designed Recipe Card Templates

I absolutely love recipe cards and it can be hard to find ones with character that also allow you to have ample space to write down the recipe and to jot your own notes.

So, I decided to create my own.

Creating them was relatively easy and it was definitely fun, especially designing the art. Trying to figure out how to add them to my blog to share with you was not so easy.

But I think I did it. And if it works, it did end up being easy now that I know how to do it.

I have a whole bunch of different art designs that I have created and I will share more with you a some point, but I thought that I would share one version with you to see what you think. What else does it need? Is there something missing? What do you enjoy in a recipe card?

These recipe cards are actually a full-size page. I find that smaller cards are harder to write on because there is not enough space, and I also lose them in my super efficient recipe filing system called “Stuffed in a folder”. A full-page recipe card allows me to make notes as I cook and then I can actually find the recipe in my folder. It’s a “win-win”!

There are two pages to my recipe card template. The second page is a whole page of writing lines, in the event that you wanted to print a two-sided recipe card, or just for more writing space. These would be great printed on non-glossy card stock. (Glossy is hard to write on.) But, I am just currently using them on printer paper right now.

The plan is for you to be able to print these from the document that I am sharing here I on my site. So, we will see how I did! Please let me know if you cannot print it, or even view it for that matter, or any ideas that you would like to see. If you click on the arrow on the upper right hand corner of the document, you should be able to open the document.

This first one that I am sharing is my Radish Recipe Card…