Our “Leaf Pile”

Ahhhh, Fall.

A fabulous time of the year for all things pumpkin, cozy sweaters, snuggling up and the crisp cool weather with crunchy leaf piles.

We live in an undeveloped development and there are few trees, aside from the struggling sapling in our backyard and an ornamental tree that we have. We get no fallen leaves, no leaf piles, no crunch under our feet. For the grown ups, it is heaven. I have not raked a leaf in 8 years. For our kids, it is a missed-opportunity.

We were in a parking lot yesterday and this pile of leaves caught their eye and they were in it in a matter of seconds.

This “leaf pile” was soooo exciting for my wee ones. They jumped and crunched and laughed.

It was just sad. Sad.

But ya gotta love the happy hearts of kids.

leaf pile


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