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I wanted to let you know how your information is used on my site as well as how the Amazon Affiliates Program works.


I, personally, do not collect any of your private information. The hosts of my website, WordPress and Bluehost, may collect data to identify how many visitors that there are to my site, what parts of my site are being viewed and all related data to the usage of my site. For me, that information is helpful so I can make sure that I am keeping visitors engaged and paying attention to the areas of my site that are attractive or less attractive.

Amazon Affiliates Program:

AS OF NOVEMBER 15TH, 2015 I AM NO LONGER ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING AS AN AMAZON AFFILIATE. ANY POSTS PRIOR TO THIS DATE FOLLOW THE INFORMATION BELOW. (Sharing gift ideas through Amazon as an Affiliate did not look the way that I wanted it to, so I decided to move on and let that relationship go.)

I originally joined the Amazon Affiliates program to share gift ideas and ideas for making moments that matter.

Either through a link to a specific product in a post or through my “Gift Shop”, I “hand-selected” products that I thought would be helpful for your gift-giving needs or something fun that you just might want. The program gave me the permission to share ideas with you from other sources when they are part of the available items for the program. By clicking the link from my site, you are directed to Amazon to continue your business through Amazon as you would if you clicked there directly. I receive a percentage (percentages vary depending on items selected, but about 4% seems to be the norm) for any purchases made from clicking to Amazon from the link on my site. I am not a representative of Amazon, nor do I work for them. My affiliation with Amazon is strictly for sharing a link to an item on their site and potential earnings from that referral to the item(s).

Per the Amazon Operating Agreement, I state, “Aaryne McEvoy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.”


If you have any questions about your private information or my participation in the Amazon Affiliates Program, please contact me privately through the “Contact Me” tab located at the top of my home page.

You may also contact me at

Thank you, I am so happy that you visited!


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