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Hi and welcome to “Just Like Perfect!”.

Since I share many different kinds of information with you on my site, I thought it might be handy to break it down so that you have a better idea of the things that might interest you and how to navigate my site.

There is something for everyone here from fresh and thoughtful gift ideas, delicious recipes, activities to take a break and enjoy life, tips and suggestions for organizing and even cleaning, and all are ideas for making moments that matter. I also share my own moments and adventures with you that are almost always humorous as well as some fabulous giveaways.

I have changed things up a bit by using categories that correspond to the days of the week where I share ideas for making moments that matter. Often, the posts correspond to the day of the week, like a “Look & Cook” dinner on a Monday because you just might need some time to get back into the work week schedule. Pick a day of the week and just have fun browsing. If you are looking for something specific, use the “By Category” category for a list of all of the categories on my site. Some of those have been “discontinued” but I have left them because they are historical, sorta.

Let’s give it a whirl and see how this update works!


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