Thank You Notes


I believe that a gift is more than an item to be received. The giver has taken time and/or money as well as thoughtfulness to make a gesture that should be acknowledged. These days, technology often replaces the handwritten thank you note. Any “thank you” is a wonderful way to let the giver know you recognize their effort and thoughtfulness.

I love the handwritten “thank you” note. First of all, I am a sucker for cards. Secondly, it was required of us as kids to write thank you notes and I guess it just stuck with me. It is also a time for me to send a personal note to people I rarely sit down with to “catch up” on life.

Getting thank you cards on sale and stockpiling them is fun for me and I enjoy finding various types for all the kinds of givers in my life: seasonal, masculine, feminine, silly, artsy, from kids etc.

thank you



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