The BEST Thanksgiving Hostess & Host Gifts Ever!

There is only one gift, in my mind, that tops the list for giving at Thanksgiving (aside from hugs, kisses and thankful sentiments, of course)…empty “Tupperware”, known these days as Food Storage Containers – that’s the “Heirloom” name version.

(Have you noticed that everything from your youth, if you are in your 40’s and beyond such as myself, ahem, is now called Heirloom? The vegetables that were just called “vegetables” from your garden and your grandparents garden are now called Heirloom. Just like the term “homesteading” now is what we just considered living life back then. I guess I am getting old when there is a social name for how I grew up! But that is another topic.)

Bringing along a big bag of empty storage containers was my signature look every Thanksgiving until we moved out here to the Midwest and now host our own quietly small family dinner at home where I have all the containers that I need.

Tired of coming home with Thanksgiving Dinner left overs that leaked or were mangled beyond eatability, I came up with a very practical solution. Bringing along my own empty containers, in varying sizes, and taking the leftover saving into my own hands was just pure brilliance, if I do say so myself. Eureka! It worked fabulously and it quickly became my tradition.

Luckily, I have thick-skin. This ingenious idea was met with some good old-fashioned ribbing from family members, but it saved my leftovers and I was able to bring home more than I ever had before. Who has the last laugh family?????

You can be fabulously awkward like me when I was in my 20’s and 30’s, and show up with your own bag of empty containers – that in itself is a gift to the dinner hosts because they do not need to scrounge around to find things for your dinner leftovers when there is hardly enough for their own. Or you can join in the spirit of the giving season and give some brand spankin’ new empty containers to others as well, especially your hosts, so they may share in your leak proof Thanksgiving Dinner Leftover abundance. That’s how I would enhance my “empty container bag tradition” now that I am in my 40’s…I would bring some to share. Age brings wisdom, ya know.

I am a legend in my own mind, but my signature “bag of empty containers” appearance still brings some good dinner conversation and lots of chuckles, even tho I have not been able to don that look for a few years now.

Thanksgiving containers

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