“With The Works” Chili Dog Chili

I can make a case for the Chili Dog on any occasion, so I am making it for the upcoming Super Bowl parties. But, instead of the usual messy chili dog that can be hard to eat if you do not have a table and plate right in front of you and under your chin, this Chili Dog Chili delivers all of the flavor with a little dignity too.

Using my Chili Con Carne recipe, I added the following “players” to make it Super Bowl worthy!

For the “With The Works” Chili Dog Chili, add sliced hot dogs in addition to the hamburger meat in the chili. To make it a little “foodie fancy pants”, slice the hot dogs on an angle. If this elevated hot dog maneuver will win you a wedgie for being a “show off’, skip it and stick with hot dog chunks. After the Super Bowl is over, find some friends who will appreciate the angled hot dog.

With the works Chili dog chili

Okay, at this point, “With The Works” gets a little personal, so adapt the add-ins to your hot dog faves. For me and the people who I will be hanging with for the Super Bowl (my husband and my kids, but my kids will not eat this chili even with angled hot dogs), my toppings will be diced onions, shredded cheddar cheese, and mustard. And a big crusty roll to take the place of the hot dog bun. A bite of crusty roll and a spoonful of hot dog and chili…oh yah.

With the works Chili dog chili

Whatever dignity I saved by not eating a true chili dog will be gone by my overstuffed mouth.

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