What Not To Wear

I often get out for my walks after dinner, until the days become shorter. Then, I have to come up with a new plan. Now, as the night creeps in sooner and I am still trying to get my walks in after dinner, I am scrambling to get out. The dark does not bother me but we have coyotes around and THEY bother me. Because we live in a populated area, they are not all that fearful of people. I can keep my eye out for them during the day since I can actually see. Not so much at night-time.

Last night I was in a scramble to get out but the weather had turned colder and windy. I do not have out all of my fashionable options for cooler weather gear so I grabbed what was around. Here’s my look:

A $2 rain-type jacket that my husband picked up a few years ago when Sear’s was having a “Going out of Business” sale. There are some things you just cannot pass up. In our minds, it was a great coat to keep on hand for the company that would come to our house but somehow not have the right coat with them. It could happen. But it never has. It saw its first wearing last night as I grabbed it and wrapped myself in it. The hood has the look of a princess going on a secret mission in the deep dark woods, but the rest of the coat did not drape around me in true “cloak fashion”. It is actually too big and I had to roll up the sleeves. It did its job though and kept me warm. I was able to finish my secret mission in the deep dark.

I love fluffy socks and these bright mint green fluffy socks were already a part of my “chillin’ at home” wardrobe because, well it is getting colder. I did not have time to change my socks to something someone might actually want to be seen in outside of the home. It was getting dark fast. And I needed to keep my toes warm.

The pink slip-on sneaker shoe was handy because it was a slip-on and I did not have to take the 30 seconds that would have been necessary to actually tie shoes. They were also the only things that my fluffy bright mint green socks would fit in to.

And last, but not least, Capri yoga pants. A longer pant would have hid my crazy socks but I had just grabbed the pants that were on the top of my drawer and figured that I was home so Capris could pass.

I paused only slightly at my appearance, but getting out to walk won out over fashion.

I did pause, however, for a fashion shoot…

what not to wear

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  • Have you noticed how your most comfortable clothes never, ever coordinate? My softest shirt- red, coziest pants–purple plaid, cushiest socks–blue, favorite sweater–brown. Either I’m a walking kaleidoscope or I’m completely comfy.